All the evil in the world, small and large, is probably most often due to defects in the human mind. A lack of love, empathy, consideration and understanding for other people.

A selfishness and self-fixation that sadly enough

  ”Can” grow in people if you dont be carefule

Exercising evil goes hand in hand with lying, deceiving, saying yes to benefits where others are affected.

As well as withholding the truth for your own gain.

Hating is evil, it is something that is sadly quite common today.e

Hatred breeds hatred and gives a vicious spiral of destructiveness.

These turning points between good and evil need to be addressed with intellect, problem solving, love and an understanding of the history of the situation. This creates perspective and the opportunity to find the lock that can then illuminate the solution.

This is probably the way to a good society in a good world.

For people with the defect Evil, very clear rules and laws are needed in a good society that can provide care and protection.

A good world must probably always act in the sign of love and as a guideline.

These were the thoughts of the day in the adventure of life.


To hold together, to accept the difference between us humans in a good society is the opposite of a fragmented and cracked society with an unclear framework.

Love peace understanding.👉❤️


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