I have had many dreams in my life and some have come true.

Being able to play music and see the world has been a big dream.

I have seen the rich and the poor and many in between.

Now I have put on traditional work clothes and work with Rock = Stone of various sizes and transport this with a crew that weighs 32 tons with a full load.

The rock music continues and many things are on the way. Bow and thank you for this. I never give up on this.


What am I fighting for, and what am I working for?

A simple question one might think, to buy dead things to realize myself.

But at the same time, what does the rest of the world really look like, yes it is definitely mostly poor and also very poor.

There is the dream of being able to survive the day. Yes, what contrasts even though we live on the same planet.

I had a dream last night that I took with me to dawn today.

Made a cup of coffee and started thinking.

This is the dream and thoughts about this.

I was visiting a country where poverty was great, suddenly I saw very advanced machines that came flying. They flew low, very low, so you had to duck to avoid getting hurt by these things.

These were foreign powers that ruled the poor people.  When we happened to be there, we were also affected as the machines could not tell the difference between poor and rich people.

Of course, it was a rich nation that made use of these machines. They depleted the resources, ruled and imposed something that was not really theirs.

But what can you resist if you are poor? Not much.

Now I’m awake with my cup of coffee and the light is starting to seep in through the window.

My thoughts on this are all drones with weapons that fly in certain countries and are justified by the fact that the poor are terrorists and dangerous for the rich countries.

After all, this is a very expensive and frightening activity that could instead be used to a certain extent to build up the poor countries.

Then of course I think of education, help for self-help, instead of death and oppression created by this machinery.

If people get along well, other conditions are created and friendship is closer to hand between people.

All the billions of dollars that Sweden alone has donated, as well as all the help to organizations such as the Red Cross. Would it be interesting to see where all this money has built up over the years? We often see the tragedy and donate money because we want to help vulnerable people, but we almost never see what the money has achieved?

Yes, we know that some people earn very high salaries from the donated money, so already some of it disappears and then the money hasn’t even left the country.

Of course, there are examples of successful aid, and perhaps it is precisely to show that the money goes to good things.

But I don’t mean some small examples, but how have all these billions been able to help that we have donated for many years now?

I am not familiar with this, so these are just thoughts and musings seeking answers.

To justify is one thing, but to give an honest and truthful picture would certainly be stimulating for many as a lot of money and tax funds are donated at the same time that we ourselves are starting to get examples of poor pensioners who will have difficulty coping with the winter cold with the new electricity bills.

Freezing to death or being burned to death by heat are different things but with the same outcome.

The reason I think about this is how on the one hand you are so heartwarming and use people’s bad conscience to justify helping the needy and at the same time you turn a blind eye to the problems that are starting to arise in the corners.

This equation also gives birth to many thoughts.

Is everything as good as we think? Is it kindness and caring that prevail?

Those of you who are more familiar with this may be able to provide an answer?

Does 100% go to help from these aid organizations for example for education to the needy, or how much is eaten up by expensive rents, cars, houses, plane tickets, high salaries, expensive dinners and 5 star hotels and how much is wasted?

Is there an accounting duty on the part of the recipients for all these aid efforts?

Sending clothes and food feels heartwarming, but sending a loom, sewing machines, tools and training to build wells to collect water, as well as tools and knowledge to purify drinking water. To recreate fertile soil for farming.

As well as education that provides the same knowledge and the same opportunities as in the Western world?

Question no. 2: Where is all the information that shows what all the billions after billions that have been donated over the last 50 years from our tax money and our savings, what have they given and helped with and what has resulted?

This money should have made an incredibly big difference in the poor countries, where the prices are also so much lower. Especially since it’s not just Sweden, but lots of other countries that also donate large sums.

Think how wonderful it is to know what we have been part of to help with, really something to be proud of.

If you are a rich country, you can help others, but if the country falls economically, the lifeboat starts to leak and can no longer function as a lifeboat.

Just some thoughts this Saturday.

Photo www.artphotosweden.se Bengt Persson


Love Peace Understanding




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