12 Thougths about life!

12 thoughts on life!

* Not giving up on the dream is in itself a goal, a road and a journey through life.

* Dare to take new steps make your personality clear and inspiring.

* To stand up for their emotions and their own reality view mark the beautiful contours of a truth.

* Many people follow others, but daring to follow yourself is strength and courage.

* One thing is to repeat what others have said, but to say something that others repeat is to admire.

* Filling life with opportunities instead of impossibility provides the conditions  infor next step.

* People have their opinions about others, but in the same breath it says more about themselves than the people they talking about.

* Do not let undeveloped minds stop the developed perspectives.

* Don’t get scared by the darkness as it disappears into the light.

* History usually shows the way to the future.

* You can only be brave if you can feel the fear.

* You come alone and you travel alone to and from life with your soul.

What we all have in common with all people rich as poor, animals and plants is that no one comes alive from this planet.

So let’s be considerate of each other for a sustainable and enjoyable world 🌍 that we all want to live in!

Magnus. 🌎

P.S. !!!

Im looking for a serious Agent or Manager for my music, lectures join a  touring band!



Im looking for a serious Agent or Manager!

I do:

* One man concerts

* Meditation performance

* Concert with Magnus Rosén Band

* Concerts with Symphony Orchestra

* Workshops / Clinics

* Lectures

* I have 10 soloalbums

* And a new album that’s soon are ready for release  

Im also free to join a touring band Pop, Rock, Metal, new Music, old Music etc.




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