For a Sustainable World

My good friends Abir and Lajla at Event with Juteborg for a more sustainable world.
New bio-plastic-like material sees the light of day that is much more gentle on nature than ordinary plastic.Jute is the world’s most durable material with innovations for long-term sustainability in accordance with the UN’s 17 Statutes.
Music, launch of the Jute sailboat and interesting discussions at Vindö Marin.
A big thank you for the invitation to participate
Here is a link from the bassplaying part: by Abir Hossain.
Wishing you a good day.Jute ( Juteborg ) Ambassadör Magnus Rosén.Culture meets Industry
Why Jute ?
Trees mature in 60 – 80 years, bamboo in 3 to 10 years. Jute matures in 120 days only. In Bangladesh, there are 3 crops per year. Jute is crop rotated and the field generally produces two rice and one other crop, preferably Jute. This means you don’t take away land area from food production. Also growing Jute means that you don’t need fertilizers or pesticides in the farming afterward.
The social factor is immense. In Bangladesh, there 163 million people of which almost 1/3 is depending on the jute industry in some ways or the others. Maby farmers and entrepreneurs are very poor and lots of women work in the whole value chain also. When we focus on lifting jute in the value chain – we contribute to empower women and lift at least around 50 million people from poverty. This we call the JuteEffect!

Magnus Rosen Abir punkt jpg

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