Enjoy Life!

To enjoy everyday life.

Feeling positive is a force to be reckoned with. Even when the headwind is blowing and the light in the tunnel is felt far away. Finding the words that illuminate things that feel wonderful inside and provide energy is important.

Seeing the good and happy things in everyday life is actually an art as you do not like to see what you already have.

For example: Most of us are healthy, it is something that many of us take for granted, or that we can actually eat our fill with many different varieties of dishes, drink when we are thirsty and so on. ( sadly not all people have this possibility on our earth ) Or that the miracle of nature stands outside the door and invites to us to the sea, lakes, forests, meadows, mountains, etc. and for city dwellers there is always a park or nature area to enjoy in ..

Most of us have good friends we can hang out with, maybe a hobby that for me is the music that gilds my life.

Some people love when the sun is shining because then you can enjoy the weather outdoors. In some parts of the world people love when it rains because this gives nature the opportunity to grow and flourish. In many places on our planet, it can simply be too hot outdoors when the sun is shining, so you would rather stay indoors. Enjoyment is done in different ways.

To have a life that gives a lot of experience with pros and cons is thankful (within reasonable limits you can probably say) Illness, accidents, poverty, etc. are difficult things that you do not want anyone, but development is probably everywhere in different ways.

Especially ”reasonable” adversity gives development and spiritual maturity inside if you do not fall as life is risky. But the reward is good with, among other things, new values, points of view, perspectives, life knowledge and hopefully humility.

It is important to see adversity as challenges.

Choosing to see the positive instead of looking for the negative requires some work. Most things have a front and back, then it is we ourselves who decide which side we want to shape our lives. Easy or difficult, yes it is a very personal question.

Just a few spontaneous thoughts on an afternoon like this.

Wish you a good and weekend!

Magnus Rosén

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