A Good morning!☀️

Waking up in the morning in the woods and your head is filled with good thoughts that´s a good morning! 😊🙏

Seeing the light and the possibilities when the impossible knocks on the door is a gift.

The road will continue and life is filled with experiences and sometimes new perspectives.

To be developed by forging which is made through refined winds of forwards and setbacks / successes and adversities.

As long as love exists for life and those we meet, the roadside will always bloom.❤️🍀🌳🙏

Magnus Rosén

”Lectures, Live performances, Bigger EVENT”

* Lectures (Dreams Visions and Future Faith) Provides stimulation and promotes creativity. Incl Film, Powerpoint with pictures live music in a story from teenage dreams to reality with world wide tours and gold records.

Suitable for schools, associations but also events and companies.

About 15 years of experience of lectures and good references exist.

* Live music for festive events.

Rock, Pop / Classical Folk Art-Music / as well as Meditation Music.

If you are interested contact me on this page or go to www.gyllenepromotion.se

* Culture meets Industry: Innovations of a colorful cultural diversity

for larger events.

Picture Gabriel Henningson.

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