A Miracle

Looking up at the starry sky should tell us that we live in a miracle.
A universe so vast and enigmatic!

Seeing each other’s zest for life, experiencing animals and nature should tell us that we are in an absolutely fantastic wonder.

The positive spirals need to be planted, cultivated and harvested to preserve this life that no human has ever been able to explain its existence more than in different theories and different religions on our planet where everyone is blessed by their faith!

No one knows why we are here or how we can exist in a body that has billions upon billions of cells that fit together so precisely and precisely that we can function and live.
The soul which is our own ”I” where we experience, feel and love!

If we do not see this, it is easy to follow without questioning.
This is probably where many of us get lost in a divided world 🌍 where it becomes harder and harder to see what is right or wrong, while at the same time controlling the dark destructive spirals that happily open their gates where the light does not reach with the guiding words (for our own good )

Isn’t it time to open those beautiful eyes and start questioning everything in society so we get a fair side of it all. Where light spreads its big wings with security and freedom, with love, morality and where ethics can exist.
To make visible the watchwords where the greatest value is man, animals and nature instead of the economic figures that justify the depravity and the gaps between rich and poor.

Don’t hate, but question, look for an objective picture as there are always several sides to a situation.
Then we build a civilized society and the light of day can begin to shine on the actions of the dark souls who try to open the gates to the abyss!

Have you considered that objective news often shines through its absence?
You might ask why?!
If you believe that the truth is as simple as only one perspective, you can believe it, but for those who want to make their choices in the most correct ✅ way possible, both the question and the objectivity are required.

No one has the right to seize the truth even if these attempts are sadly made. The truth has its own platform and can always be questioned, but the lie does not.

___________________________________________ A nice change might happen!

Be proud of who you are with all your splendor and strength. Enjoy our differences that create such beautiful diversity.
Our differences that must be preserved and protected for the sake of our freedom, freedom to be different within the framework of human rights.
Don’t be afraid, but dare to sparkle and shine through a positive action in everyday choices. Dare to laugh at what is wrong, instead of aggression and hatred.

Don’t let people (so also people of power) lead you in the leash of fear!
Without questioning, we get precisely the kind of people who govern transparently and democratically in consultation with the people for the good of mankind.

Countering hate is not hating back, but marking and completing the conversation until the other calms down, how else can we become a civilized civilization!

To dare to bloom into the beautiful creations we are, that is the magic of love and the possibility of life continuing into the future!
The watchword of the future is not ”fear” but love, peace and understanding in the signs of wisdom and prudence.

Only this type of leader of wisdom has the opportunity to prepare a good path for the diversity of life where precisely questioning helps us all grow and develop.
Certainly not the leader of fear (the dark souls) who scares the flock where he/she wants with censorship and gagging.

You don’t have to give a thumbs up if fear is dear to you!


Its time to Rock the World 🌎 Again!

Love Peace Understanding
Remember: Questions give knowledge
Free Speech gives a Free world


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