A wonderful day!

A wonderful adventure with Glenn Öfverström & Magnus Rosén
First paddling for me this year.
When we had lunch on the rocks, it became the host’s tastiest fish soup with shrimp from Amie’s restaurant. 😋. https://m.facebook.com/amiesrestauranghogsbo/
We went out at 10.30 in the morning and pulled up the kayaks at about 17.07

Many thanks Glenn for a wonderful adventure.Now I’m completely exhausted, 😅.
So it will be a looooong massage in Friskonomen’s luxury massage chairs mmmmmmmmm💪😅🙏.I’m worth it.

P.s thank you for letting me borrow a dry suit from Erik!

Wishing you a nice and good Saturday.

With kind regards, Magnus Rosén

Our new Facebook site MRB:https://www.facebook.com/MagnusRosenBand 

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