Ambassador for Juteborg!

One of Juteborg’s Precident Christina Östergren says:

Juteborg’s Jute Ambassador – famous rock musician Magnus Rosén – considered as one of the top ten bassists in the world – is working close with us to make a greater impact! Jute is the most sustainable materisl in the world fulfilling the three pillars of sustainablilty with excellence. The ecologic, the economic AND the social pillar. In Bangladesh there are 170 million people. Almost 1/3 of them is depending on the jute industry one way or the other. When we uplift the material from low valued products such as sacks and ropes into high tech product such as jute based composites, and execution will be done in Bangladesh, we have the opportunity to uplift more than 50 million people. Rest of advantages you can explore at www. and

Magnus Rosén went on tour in Bangladesh with Juteborg 4 times so far. Every time media is rushing to experience this odd combination of a famous rocker on tour with a Swedish high tech innovation company focusing on jute and certain to secure an impact inclusive business of success. Magnus plays on all stages that will make our collective jute-voice heard. In jutemills (like the pictures 3 years ago) in universities, for the farmers, in the embassies and in international arena hotels. And everytime TV is coming making reportages and it always ends up with around 100 million viewers☀️🙏☀️

Magnus Rosén Band is also about to release a new fabolous record. With several extremely outstanding and famous musicians such as Tony Martin ex lead singer Black Sabbath. Magnus Rosén please post some links here!

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