At the lowest and highest level of society are certain similarities!

Have you thought about how we have learned to solve problems.
In school we learn to solve problems without violence, something that you learn that violence is wrong in every way.
At work, we don’t pick up a gun and resolve disagreements.
A violent approach, we have learned, is against all humanism and human rights.
Violence does not belong to a civilized civilization !!!!

Most of us are able to solve problems without violence with understanding, wisdom, prudence and love.
Although we ordinary people may not be professors or trained in urban science, we can handle this approach.

BUT at the same time we accept people who would be a little more knowledgeable and understand things, those who have gained our trust to advocate for us the people. The very people who would be the first to raise the flag of humanism and human rights, just some of these people justify war in a wet beautiful world.

Even though we have been taught since childhood that war exists in our world,. This does not mean that the problem cannot be solved without war.
But this is a multibillion-dollar business based on people’s fears. This business plan does not allow us to be united on this planet. Peace does not create a war industry, No research how to kill people. The perfection of power cannot act without power, and power is, among other things, weapons, as well as having control over people’s money, which, among other things, takes place via the digitalization of money in particular.

Then the propaganda makes us cheer for one side or the other, as crazy as it sounds?
Instead of only solving these insane wars with peace peace peace.
Depose all people who advocate war, they are not the people’s representatives.
Peace is NOT to be supported with war materiel, it is instead to create more death. Young girls and boys, someone’s sons and daughters who shoot each other to death without having anything to say or even having met before.

Just because the dark souls = the powerful in this world solve their problems with the very thing we were taught not to use as a problem solver VIOLENCE.

When did the common man gain from a war?
If we common people can solve problems without guns, why can’t our representatives solve problems without guns.
Yes, this is where we handed over all trust to people who actually cannot solve problems without violence as the lure of power has become too great..
It is easy to think that we do not understand these big problems and questions, and then we leave this thinking.
But if a child can solve a problem without violence, then adults, especially at the top level, should be able to solve these problems.

But the absoluteness of power does not care if ordinary people die in war, at the same time, and ironically, it is precisely the ordinary people who have had to pay for the war with their hard-earned tax money.

Who is the winner in a war, well it is not the people, it is never the people who are the winners in a war neither you live in one country nor the other.
The common man cannot start a war, but you have to be at the top level to start a war where the dark souls fight for power.

Following the money shows who the winners are in war, the perfection of power far away from the misery of war, yes, only there are the winners with our tax money that has gone to weapons that kill people, natural resources that change owners, etc.
And to top it all off, it’s only us ordinary powerless humans who get killed, we who can’t start a war.
Isn’t this absurd when you think about it all?

Isn’t it about time to open those beautiful eyes and start questioning what is happening?
To think for yourself and not only listen but also question.
Propaganda never allows the objective view of things but is always one-way.
This is where propaganda comes into play.

Love Peace Understanding
Remember: Questions give knowledge
Free Speech gives a Free world

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