Balance is where the prudence and wisdom are disturbed!

The piano steps have made paradise what it is today.

Now is the time to take back mother earth with common sense to a place where we all want to be!!!

Let the time come where you put an end to the destructiveness that was created when the dark souls get the opportunity to take up too much space.

What significantly separates us in our world is not skin colors, cultures or religions, but it is precisely the color of our souls, the good and the evil.

To prevent the problems in society instead of building walls. Thinks, among other things, of the Berlin Wall that fell in 1989 with cheers for freedom.

Man in general is a kind creature who does not have to be assumed to be evil and imprisoned in a new growing control society that precisely ”imprisons” and controls all beautiful wonderful forms of life.

A justification of a situation that has been created with a cracking result where exclusion has been created, which is then used to justify the isolation of each individual.

The light and love can only exist in freedom while the darkness and the perfection of power want to isolate.

Differentiating between right and wrong is done, among other things, by questioning and highlighting situations and information based on different perspectives.

It gives balance.

The truth can be questioned but the lie does not.

Information that is one-way becomes an attempt to control other people as you isolate the issue without giving room for questioning.

This is not a balance.

Its time to open the beautiful eyes that we have been given to see and precisely create balance and friendship between humans, animals and nature in a free world.

Photo Bengt Persson.


Love Peace Understanding

Remember: Questions give knowledge

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