Bass & beats

Music in the Kitchen!

A fun crossover with fun polyrhythmic phrases on the bass where each beat = tone and rhythm on the bass with, among other things, triplets on top on 5 beats over 4 beats.

Or groups of 5 on every 4th part = 40 beats over 8 beats = 40 beats over 2 beats.

Mixed with triplets, syncopations, backstroke markings and regular 4/4 etc.

This is maybe just for nerds like myself, after 43 years of bass playing I think this kind of thing is fun but it has also become a natural piece in my poetic bass pieces.

But i love straight rock music with all the power, melodies and charm.

Rock the world again.

This rhythm playing is fun when im home and practice and try to attend the desire to play the bass.

So what can we do when we have pandemic in the world!!!???

This is how it sounds with bands without my rhythmic phrasings with Glam:

Song: Circus

Elsa Li Jones song – Songwriter

Sanny-? Producer / beats

Magnus Rosén bass player


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