Between the fairy tale and Reality

Between the fairy tale and the thin wall of reality where time and love are the key to opportunity !!!

The scales between Yin and Yang!

The day those dark souls justify the dismantling of the democratic process, the possibility of free speech with censorship to maintain ”order” for our own good, as the gate so nicely calls it!
Yes, then we should all know what order you mean!!!
Then the diversity where love in freedom has its flourishing and growth is closed!

My wish is that we could all see and understand !!!!

Freedom does not create war and innocent killing, war cannot be started by the little man. Only by the dark souls in the dangerous corridors of power where the sorcery of power perfection can easily spread!
Their greatest weapon is to justify their actions with untruths and angled perspectives that make us humans believe in their way where questioning is forbidden!

Respect yourself and dare to listen inwardly in the direction of your own heart as a compass through the journey in the world upside down!!!

It may be time to open those beautiful eyes where we stop following fear.
Time, which is actually quite short, is the only opportunity we have to love and enjoy!
Having the opportunity to be careful and respect other lives.
The handrail and the line of justice are the human rights that should include animals and nature’s rights to exist!

When time has run its course, it’s time to raise our hats and give thanks for this time we’ve been given out here in a miraculous universe.
Then it is too late to make your choices before mother earth and judgment
the beautiful people, the animal kingdom and the beautiful magic of nature that welcomes us all with open arms at our entrance to mother earth!

Dare to say no to absolute power is probably a must if we as humans are to be able to balance the world between good and evil!
Especially when ”power” creates the sorcery that transforms the light into the existence of the black souls. Where they then eat up other people’s food, freedom and love. Oppressing, and consuming for their own gain in a downward black spiral!
A self-described prophetess where the path of time  for the dark souls’ quest for the ultimate perfection of power that will ultimately set themselves up and disappear like a black hole in the universe!!!

To give the opportunity to the beautiful choices we can make in our lives compared to the colorful fireworks of animals and magical nature and the beautiful people we can become so driven by!
The diversity of the sea with its own universe and the free birds of the air that sing to us on summer mornings.
We are still free to choose love and freedom or the gilded door that allures so much where the light doesn’t reach!

Yes, it is your ”choices” in life that take you where you belong.

Sign of the times!

Love peace understanding
Remember: Questions bring knowledge
Free speech makes for a free world

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