Book release later this year.

I received a phone call from a book publisher about writing a book 📕.

What a privilege I must say 😃🙏

Almost done with all writing.

This has been a very exciting procedure.

A biography was and is not my desire.

But on the other hand, it interests me where the perspective of thoughts and musings meets reality.

An exposure of a ”human being”

So it had to be a mixture of experiences and anecdotes through certain parts of music life.

Rock n Roll, the tours, 10 years with Hammerfall and other incredible meetings that have been made, trips, or eg fishing with my grandfather in his wooden oak tree when I was little.

A quote:

”When I was born and grew up, I believed that all people were good”

Plus much more.

Nature as a meeting place, my personal perspectives on the miracle of life where evil and goodness create friction for a possible maturity and growth. This in turn sharpens the sharp sword of light into the sign of love for all life.

This braid of life’s ingredients creates a personal whole.

The content is the upward and bright spirals in life. The power of inspiration and angles where desire is born.

The destructive preaching is carried out enough that sadly forms with the downward spirals!

Here, in my opinion, we need to open our beautiful eyes to see.

Affirm desire, hope and satisfaction for a good future in harmony with our mother earth.

The key is the ”question” that seeks an answer.

The key ring is within us, as I see it.

The light creates contrasts with the dark and that’s where the change probably takes place, I think.

Everything big always started with the small.

Even in the smallest choices we make at our various crossroads in life.

We’re hoping for a book release at the end of the year, but we’ll see!

I borrowed the photo with the bookshelves in the back round from Dr Otto C Frommelt


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