Bottle mail.

A bottle item with wishes can give desire and dreams which in turn possibly creates opportunities to plant a seed in reality for a new plant.

Our whole world is just built on these seeds and plantations.

We could just as easily have had a clean world where we lived as one should, in one with nature.

Where the development was as great but not against human animals and nature.

Most of us have sadly chosen in the sign of our fear or selfishness.

It creates a growth of opportunities for hatred, war, mammon’s sculptures, laziness, an unjust world and a sub-reality where rulers talk about a reality that is difficult to relate to the reality we live in today.

Where is the objectivity, where is the place to encourage questioning, who favors censorship, etc.

Do the fruits of this plant benefit you?

Sometimes it feels like a squirrel wheel that someone has built with their visions where we run for a happy life without stopping for a new thought or maybe a new perspective.

The world could just as easily have had people who made their choices of Love, caring, diligence and above all responsibility towards ourselves and all living things on this earth.

A development and harmony for this paradise that we have the opportunity to live in.

Smart solutions for a smart civilization with a long-term and sustainable society.

An apolitical school that inspires and teaches to always question.

Questions provide answers and knowledge !!!

Politicians who sit on their post for the right reason = thus improve for the people, the animals and nature.

A media that wants to offer opportunities, new insights, inspire and create security. Definitely not creating fear, but preferably knowledge and solutions.

Its time to wake up to send a new bottle mail to the future.

Wish you a good Sunday in the sign of peace.


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