Crowns of 🌲 trees!

Reflections and reflections that take place under nature’s own lungs Crowns of trees

It is good with different perspectives, for and against.

It should always be welcomed in a democracy if one wishes to wash and get out the truths that lead to awakening in various issues ”always with respect for one another”

Something that we now see is not complied with when it comes to many social forums on the web where some interesting thoughts and posts about the C ….. -19 virus are erased from these large meeting platforms.

One might ask if that’s how we wanted our democratic society?

Whose opinions otherwise create it so to speak ”right” truth

Will it be his truth that has the greatest power to raise their voice the most that becomes self-proclaimed about what is true or not?

Do we not all have the right to have reflections, experiences and thoughts that we share with others on our online forums, to slowly pan for knowledge and clarity in things?

Or is that time past?

The earth was flat as a pancake a long time ago, and you had a different opinion, well then it was probably clear message who had the power. (not the truth) For more info on this


Longer than that, we should have come today 2020

Photo Gabriel Henningson


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