Darkness Dressed in White!

When you looking at our upside down world!

Could it be that

Darkness is dressed in white?

Good or bad? 👀

Have we forgotten how the good and the bad act?

Look at the history of our world where the evil forces are usually dressed in white with a justification

”To use the forces of darkness”

And unfortunately it does not feel any different in our time.

To see, you have to have the keys with the right questions.

The light dress can always be called into question without the trouble unless the dark lining is the reason for the light dress.

It is nothing wrong to be white or black. Be girl or guy, be left or right or whatever religion you have. Some are richer some are poorer. Some are interested in one and some of the other. Just as diversity in a society is in reality.

Some want to enjoy their free time in nature or with their leisure interests others want to make money for maybe a house or a car. Yes we are all different.

None of this has to do with good or bad, as long as we give each other the right to accept and respect each other’s differences.

(Of course within them

Human rights )

The opposite side of acceptance and respect:

The 8 ruler techniques !!!

You may wonder how they look and act in our time ?!

See the Link and use Google translate if You are interested: https://www.roks.se/har-finns-kunskap/harskartekniker

The key to the light of knowledge is to question the 2 sides of the coin !!! (if you don’t want to stay in the blindness of darkness 😴)

Where are we actually heading?

Could it be that

Darkness is dressed in white ???

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