Do we make the right choice in life?

Are we making the right choice when fear chooses for us?

Where is love, prudence and wisdom’s guide?

Is NATO the path of fear?

Whether you want NATO or not, democracy shines with its absence. Is democracy perhaps a thing of the past?

It is easy to believe that those in the corridors of power are not interested in what we ordinary people think, although those who decide should be the people’s representatives. Democracy means – Power to the people.

As there is no requirement to have any education to sit in Swedish sgovernment this undemocracy feels extra unsatisfactory. Everything should probably be questioned and modulated before major decisions are made that concern the people / citizens and the country, since the people ARE the country.

Is war the way of fear?

All wars with the construction of the entire war industry where multi-billion profits are made because of precisely the fear.

Fear is the selling point and thus justifies war.

The propaganda makes people fearful and hate each other instead of intellectual and wise peace talks.

During the planting and establishment of fear and hatred against people you have never met, there reigns the elite of power perfection.

When did a war benefit the little man? The question is justified as the little man both pays for the wars with his tax money and dies or murders to satisfy the madness of the dark souls.

Why are we so afraid to question?

Don’t we care about all the innocent people who die in war, somebody’s daughter or somebody’s son, father or mother!

It is the same situation on both sides of the front.

War is never the option of the little man, but only the choice of the power elite with its enchanted propaganda machine.

War is never the path of peace.

If we had cared as much about other people as they say, we would not have this poverty in our beautiful world. The war industry sick costs from ordinary people tax money goes to death instead of people in need.

Isn’t it time to open those beautiful eyes and realize once and for all that war is always destructive where the vast majority are losers on both sides.

And that Wisdom, Prudence, Love, Ethics, Morality and Human Rights as they are so beautifully called always shine with their absence in these conflicts!!!

Where does all this hate come from, all this fear that makes the world what it is today instead of a paradise????

Perfection of power is the tool of the dark souls that never benefits the little common man.

How difficult it is to look back on our history where war has ”always” been devastating for man, animals and nature.

Why is it so hard to understand that this is madness???

We must protect ourselves against each other, says the propaganda, instead of helping each other to build bridges with opportunities.

We scream, hate, fear, label and hang people, vent our disgust at others.

Are our feelings really always justified and right??? Or can certain groups in society influence our feelings so that we act unconsciously in a certain direction?

Yes, think about why ”advertising” works! Why does propaganda exist, why do lobbyists exist, one-way news where objectivity shines with its absence, etc. add to that censorship, who benefits from the censorship, which companies or which political groups? The people must question this before they just follow blindly.

All actions against all life such as humans, animals and nature should be questioned in order to find the golden path where the ”miracle of life” itself stands as the highest value.

A communication with the flag of peace where we eradicate poverty and educate helpers to help themselves.

This should be at the top of Mother Earth’s agenda!

If we want a civilized and healthy society vs!!!!!


Love Peace Understanding

Remember: Questions give knowledge

Free Speech gives a Free world

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