Fretless funk fusion with Gregorian monk choirs.

Fretless funk fusion with Gregorian monk choirs.

I love to play beats like 4/4 so don’t get me wrong, ZZ-top have the flag at the top!!!
But some times it´s fun with different things like this who starts at rate 15/16
With 4/4, 5/4 but also some polyrhythmic riff and other nice things like changes of bpm
The bass is tuned in D but the E string is tuned in C with an envelope filter on.

The music is from the album: Set me Free.

The music in the background is played by:
Voice Nils K Rue.
Drums Birger Löfman.
Myself at Bass Magnus Rosén

Im looking for a serious Agent or Manager!
I do:

  • One man concerts
  • Meditation performance
  • Concert with Magnus Rosén Band
  • Concerts with Symphony Orchestra
  • Workshops / Clinics
  • Lectures
  • I have 10 soloalbums
  • And a new album that’s soon are ready for release

Im also free to join a touring band Pop, Rock, Metal, new Music, old Music

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