From an ant to Big Bang!

A thought spiral hit me on the way home to the forest today. From the ant to the Big Bang if now the Big Bang is a truth vs

Sometimes you don’t think that, for example, the little ant came into being out of nothing, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen something come into being out of nothing, like by magic.

The ant, which is structured in such a precise and precise way that it becomes a piece of the puzzle in the entire ecological system.

The absolutely incredible thing is that even the blue whale was created in the same way.

From nothing to a blue whale that is so big, it also fits into the ecological system with its huge appetite, yes, exactly, it fits in, oh what a coincidence and luck you have to say.

  Funnily enough, all the water also came from nothing, yes of course it sounds too incredible to be true.

The flowers in the large meadows also came about in the same way, from nothing to something.

Yes, you can say that indirectly this came about out of nothing.

Is there anyone who could believe this to be true?

This is true if The Big Bang Theory were to be true.

Even in a laboratory as far as I know, they have never been able to create something from nothing, as far as I know anyway.

Yet we must all believe that everything has been created from nothing.

It should be something that was created from nothing even today, since this is an explanation for everything, It should be a natural thing in that case, so to speak.

Maybe at least a small thing, if nothing else the tiniest little cell, if that’s how it works want to say, a natural movement in our reality: From nothing to something.

But no, reality does not conjure in this way.

Yet many of us believe that everything is created out of nothing.

Why do some of us still believe that everything is created from nothing?

Well because some people say so!!!!

When certain people say certain things, we believe that it is so, even though we have never seen it with our own eyes, felt or heard it.

We don’t question but just say yes, that’s how it works.

Think how much we just accept from the declared reality without even questioning!?

Some say that a god created everything, what is a god, maybe a creator, where is she or he. Yes, some people believe that a god has a certain gender?! Yes it’s so weird, often people think it’s a male, but what if it’s a female?

Time has created everything from nothing, some say, from nothing since time since everything.

But is it the case that this miracle ”from nothing to something” can be seen elsewhere in the universe, where precisely nothing becomes everything???

Personally, I believe in questioning everything, especially since the truth is fluid and changes with time and with knowledge, development and new perspectives.

If we go back a few hundred years, people would be hanged if they said that the earth was round, or that the earth was not the center of the universe, etc.

 I think it fits better that you always say that it is all different theories and that change with time or different beliefs of God.

Yes, this is up to everyone to believe in what they find suits them best.

We may have different paths to each other on this earth with different purpose. Many may be right with their beliefs.

A theory is not a proven truth, so also with Darwin’s theory, cell fish, monkey and human in short.

Yes, of course you can believe what you want, who knows?!

No one knows how this is created and no one knows how it happened yet so many want to own the question and the story of what the truth and creation look like.

Our entire earthly reality consists of giant institutions that want to own this issue via religions, research, politicians, sects, or ex the war industry that makes us believe that killing life is the right solution to save life, etc.

Wisdom, prudence, love, communication, etc. are nothing for the powerful, as power crumbles with these perspectives.

Could it be that those who wish to be powerful want to own the issue of life, death and creation?

I myself am just a question mark on a globe far out in space, Maybe a nothing as I come from nothing if the Big Bang is true or a fantastic creation that we all are that comes from somewhere!!! But that riddle is still not available with its answer, at least not yet in this dimension.

But the question also opens doors in everyday society.

I sometimes wonder why many of us don’t question when people say something eg on TV, Radio, Newspapers, politics, etc. that could possibly be propaganda? When objectivity is not there, it can be good to think.

These people who wrote, or spoke are no more or less amazing than you and me.

Do you have a crown on your head or a shed to live in, neither says anything about your inner self, whether you are good or evil. Just 2 different starting points.

The action says who you are, nothing else, no words, no titles, nothing but just the action.

Are we not interested in trying to understand, yes we may see different things of the diversity of reality as different puzzle pieces.

Maybe with friendship and community we can put the puzzle of life together instead of this crackling and this hating and judging we read and hear about every day.

Can there be absolute power on this earth that does not want us to question and begin to understand things?

Yes, that’s a question everyone must try to answer, but of course there are many questions about everything.

Love peace understanding for a spiritual development outside of the dead things that have frighteningly completely bewitched us and give us this belief of the dead things as the meaning of life.

Dead things have become more valuable than living creations.

Therefore, they justify a lot with numbers, finances and profits, instead of putting people, animals and nature in the first place. Precisely this which is the miracle ”life” you and I and everything else alive on this earth.

What will be said about our belief in reality in 200 years or in 1000 years

Yes, only the wide-open frames of the imagination can give any possible impression of that.

But we can read in history what people believed 200 or 1000 years ago.

A different reality than today.

Mother earth and father sun in a miraculous spiritual universe.


Love Peace Understanding
Remember: Questions gives knowledge
Free Speech gives a Free world


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