If life is a portal

Poetic reflections on the meaning of life!

If the World and life was or is a portal, then all thing have a big reason on this planet!Where you Will go with your soul and where do you Belong in the end!

Maybe the human can´t win over the dark forces?Maybe the human can´t win over the light ( white ) forces?
But we small beautiful humans in this big universe can decide where our soul belongs between this 2 forces!

We can wake up people with words and Love ❤️ to bring the lights

Or puch people down with words and threat, to turn of the light ( the hope )

Thats maybe between this 2 choices we make our wayon this line between the light white and the dark!

( How we act, not just the word, its how we act in life that tells us where we stand on this line black and white and where we are going )

Im sorry, i will not try to interfere you with different perspektiv!Maybe people don´t care anymore about good and bad!

This is only some words from my reflections and minds!

P.s the Photo is from a rock concert in Spain! I just thought it would fith to this text.Photo is Animated by Harry Larsson ’

Try to bring the light white!!!


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