Innovations true Culture!

Exciting but also beautiful where culture builds bridges across generational boundaries.

 I am so grateful for my musical life that has been and still is limitless and sometimes far out of the box. This was my dream and I live my dreams with ups and downs. 

Here I collaborated with Gothenburg Ballet / Opera House there I wrote all the music for this inspiring situation! Innovations in the cultural sector can be said.

 Bass ballet with 7 sold-out performances at the Gothenburg Opera. Happily enough, we had a mixed audience with both young and old as well as visits from the Swedish Royal Family with, among others, Princess Victoria. 

A fantastic experience with a guest performance like this. 

Many thanks to Gothenburg Opera House and all dancers for this colorful experience. 

A short clip from these performances (unfortunately in a bit poor picture quality) 

Magnus Rosén

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