Interesting question!

Interesting and divine question!

It is amazing that the Arab region created 3 of the 6 major religions we have in the world.

The other 3 were created in Asia.

It is a great power without borders.

I wonder why God did not talk to the rest of the world when God talks to people?

Then no one would have had to fight, kill, threaten and scare people into believing.

I truly respect the faith of others.

I do not want to offend anyone, it’s just very interesting.

Life is surely a miracle where the power of love is needed to survive in peace.

If the god of men is love, then love should be spread with love, not with vapen!

For who else is God who inspires perfection of power.

To me, God is love, respect, caring and understanding.

Just a simple thought.

Peace Love Understanding

Magnus Rosén is:

* Ambassador for Juteborg: For a sustainable world with High Tech Jute.

* Ambassador for RNK Riksorganisationen for a drug-free society.

* Ambassador for the Women’s Shelter / National Organization ZERO TOLERANCE Men’s Violence against Women

* Ambassador for Health

I also stand up for poor pensioners in yellow vests

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