Its time to Rock the World again.

When the fairy tale and the visions are woven together into reality, magic is created !!!!
M.R.B – Its time to Rock the World Again.
New album 2022 Release a little later this year if we find a record company that shows interested vs.
Mix and Mastring is now done in Brazil and will be completed in early June.
Feel free to share this news if you want vs.
Director: Liam Ren
Executive Director: Joy Wu
Script Design: Magnus Rosén, Joy Wu, Liam Ren
Director Of Photography
(Film & Post-production):
Liam Ren
Music: Glitter and Blood
Records by Fabio Buitvidas – Drums and producer
Raphael Mattos Guitar
Magnus Rosén bass
Mikael Erlandsson voice and keyboard
Recorded in Sweden and Brazil
The clip is from Hammerfall, the Swedish national orchestra – Göteborgs symfoniker
Special Thanks
Sunshine Johansson
A Film Production of 24 Frame Media Studio
Featuring on the album:
Fabio Buitvidas Trummor
Raphael Mattos Guitar
Mikael Erlandsson Keyboard and Song
Janne Schaffer Guitar
Tony Martin Song
Zenny Gram Song
George Keczan Piano and Keyboard
Chitral Somapala Song
Jonas Hansson Guitar
Stefan Blomquist Keyboard, Piano
Elsa Li Jones singing
Eric Galdyanz Song
Ivan Martin’s Song
Jörgen Alnevall Song
Magnus Rosén Bas
Management The Golden Team for MRB:
Olé Bang
Christian Hobohm
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