Its time to Rock the World Again

I want to thank Hammerfall and all the fans for my 10 years with the band. 1997-2007

I take off my hat for this time and bow.

So how can we celebrate this moment better than with a Hammerfall song on this new album.

Bravewords News:

”Its time to Rock the world again” with M.R.B.

Released later this year 2022

My short message to you:

A fireworks display of diversity from my journey through music life from the 60’s until today.

Everything is in perspective from time to time to hard rock and these wonderful forces and emotions that gild this style of music.

There are many tones hidden in the structures of the songs that can be recognized more or less from the history of rock in this album.

We also play tribute to bands and artists for the great inspiration from the music life given these powerful riffs, tones, emotions, solos, colors on the newly written material.

Even some old rock songs are played by hardrock musicians who give new sparks from today.

Favorites such as

Gary Moore




Rolling Stones

Michael Jackson

Bon Jovi



Deep Purple

Jimi Hendrix.

Plus much more.

These awesome musicians and bands are somewhere intertwined in the album.

Short and concise:

Newly written songs and fresh interpretations of old songs.

The musicians on the album are:

Fabio Buitvida’s drums

Raphael Mattos guitar

Mikael Erlandsson Keyboard and voice

Janne Schaffer Guitar

Tony Martin Voice

Voice of Zenny Gram

George Keczan Piano and keyboard

Chitral Somapala voice

Jonas Hansson Guitar

Stefan Blomquist Keyboard, piano

Elsa Li Jones voice

Eric Galdyanz’s voice

Ivan Martin’s voice

Jörgen Alnevall Voice

Magnus Rosén Bas

The Golden Management Team for MRB:

Olé Bang

Christian Hobohm

We will only see which record company may be interested in releasing the album.


Photo Bengt Persson

Album cover Torbjörn Lantz Jörgensen

Logo Peter Öberg

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