Jing och Jang!

Jing and Jang provide an opportunity for a balancing act in the spirit of life skills.

The power itself is diabolical and deceptive in small and large situations. Many people shun no fears of gaining access to this destructivelight – extinguisher in the witch ’s cauldron where hatred and deceit flow together with the temptation to taste the sweetness of power.

* Power must have wisdom, thats the balancing act that only few can handle.

* Helping some and overthrowing others is often an act of the powers of darkness in a deceptive maneuver to control.

* Creating love and opening the humility of us humans often requires wisdom!

All can be shining or you are allready a light bearer?Love, peace and understanding 😊🙏❤️ = A sustainable society (🌍) for a bright future!





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