Judging a situation between 2 people is not listening to 1 of the 2 and then raising or lowering the other!

Trying to assess a situation means hearing both sides in order to possibly understand!

This applies to the common man on the street right up to the rulers of the world!!!

Just following the crowd and doing like everyone else is dangerous as you neither know the person who creates this movement in society nor perhaps understand what the purpose is!

Why do the lambs go in without resistance to be slaughtered, because they just follow the lambs in front.

But we humans have been given reason and an intelligence that can be used both for the light and the dark side.

To question and seek answers so that one can understand is to locate oneself in order to then be able to judge.

Today, the absence of the objective perspective and questioning shines on many of our big megaphones 📣 in the society that is followed with blindness and aggression against those who question and seek answers in the truth.

The truth can stand to be questioned, but the lie does not, hence political censorship, branding, hangings as a means of control in the sign of fear.

Instead, everything should be in the sign of love with encouraging discussions and questioning so that you can arrive at the best decision, not just the best result for the perfection of power.

Sometimes a blind man sees more than a sighted man (woman)

Let each other have different opinions and learn from each other’s differences. Together, maybe we can put the puzzle of the truth into reality for a good and safe world 🌍!

Image: Tommy Holl

A good collaboration at work with 2 perspectives in harmony.

I drive in the gravel and Stefan builds a road out of the gravel!

Giving and receiving!

Love Peace Understanding

Remember: Questions give knowledge

Free Speech gives a Free world

Its time to Rock the World 🌎 Again !!!




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Lerum 2023 Magnus Rosen basisten som kör lastbil också Foto Tommy Holl

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