Just a thought from my garden

In my garden.
This gives peace in nature with the animals.
A wonderful feeling and so beautiful.

Life gives life it always has and always will.

Some thoughts that arise when you look at our development as a civilization and the direction we are going.

There is a lot that goes in the opposite direction, such as creating artificial life from dead things through artificial intelligence and robots, it is not only a help but a dangerous attack on humans according to how I see it anyway.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6Mdq3n6kgk

Who finds peace and harmony in an artificial environment where dead things take the place of humans and become beacons and guides?
Why do we go this way when we have the miracle of paradise outside our door completely free.

One would like a future where man uses his intelligence, wisdom and wisdom for a development in harmony with animals and nature to keep this earthly wonder intact, instead of consuming, squandering, eating in abundance in the rich countries and then throwing away the abundance , simultaneously suppressing and exterminating the life forms on this planet.
And in war, even our own race (human) is exterminated, even though we don’t even know each other.

Look out into our solar system, mountains, ice, gases, far below freezing or glowing heat and lava, a contrast to the earth that is easy to perceive as a reality of magic where everything is balanced from the largest to the smallest life form.
Sadly, we probably have to ignore man as he seems to be self-destructive despite his intelligence.

Here there is a frenzy to buy things or rule over other people or animals at any cost.
Buy use up and throw away, buy use up and throw away with worse and worse quality of the products. Everything to keep the economic wheels rolling. At the same time, the earth’s resources, which are part of the puzzle of our existence, are being eroded.

Does the frenzy really create happiness and harmony by trying to buy yourself happy.
Many of us are completely paralyzed by this. Or to exercise absolute power?
And what is it that makes some people so bewitched by the sweetness of power that easily seems like a mental illness where the forces of darkness are many times the tool for realization.

Why this confirmation one might ask?!’
Is there a void in us where the light, love and understanding are missing?

Maybe it’s time to open those beautiful eyes and enjoy the magic that created everything alive on this planet.
An insight worth affirming.

Love Peace Understanding



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