Labyrinth between the truth and the lies

The razor-sharp message of the truths is spread with the insidious tentacles of the untruths.

Pointing to our differences between us people gives precisely a misleading effect and a weakened society.

Pointing out our differences between us people creates more of a crackling effect than an understanding with strengthened community. The exact opposite of how a good healthy society should be.

That trend creates division and plants the ground for both alienation and demolition between people.
which later paves the way gets an unprinted society with decay and there we end up in the dark 😈 embrace of absolute power!!!

We must reflect on this. For the most part, power throughout human history has not been kind and cordial. Today is tomorrow’s history, important not to forget.

The light comes from people with the courage to stand up for justice, truth and love.

What do we humans really stand for?
Are these the vile gates of hate or the love of truth?

Before you say which party, which sexual orientation or what you think about foreign policy, you should see that we are all in the same boat and wish for a well-pressed egalitarian society.
It is not done with silence or silencing someone, but it is done with being honest with yourself and others.

The world is upside down and it is the responsibility of all people to put their foot down when the deceptive procedure of politics seduces us with its rehearsed quotes that rarely and sadly many times are difficult to recognize in our reality.

Sometimes it’s not stupid to check the facts, then I don’t mean fact-checking or Wikipedia, which are not always the truth, but they are platforms that anyone can both spread truths or agendas that are not about
democracy and free speech or reality.

To increase objectivity and be a little more accurate by seeing through misleading mantras ETC and sorting out predetermined claims / news without the possibility of an objective picture.
Investigative journalism is sadly often conspicuous by its absence.

Our responsibility as humans is to guard so that
The truth is never distorted or ported.
This also applies to research.
Today, when there are very powerful lobbyists, truths are distorted to benefit the self-interest of some.
This kind of distortions / censorship belongs only to a dictatorial rule but seems big in democracy sadly enough.

The day you hang up the towel, I will say to myself, I haven’t done much, but I have always believed in the truth of love and respect for everyone, including those who are not or think like me!❤️ because we are all brothers and sisters in my eyes!!
Differences are diversity and enrich most of the time!

This is how I see the world, where cooperation and understanding take place, where you help without overthrowing the one who helps.
To benefit each other and see opportunities!

War is absolutely only for the insane powerful dark souls, we should say no to this once and for all.
If the soldiers had fallen asleep, we would not have had a war on our beautiful planet. As these warmongers and business people who get rich from war and death themselves never venture into the war zones.
Many of us believe warmongers know better than the rest of us with their superior prophecies.
And if we don’t understand the situation seen from BOTH sides, the answer should absolutely always be no to all warring on mother earth!!! Right?

It’s time to open those beautiful eyes!!!

Love Peace Understanding
Remember: Questions give knowledge
Free Speech gives a Free world

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