Live in My The Kitchen!!!

When the rivets and tuxedos hang in the wardrobe and all the gigs are canceled, it becomes a some live playingin the kitchen instead.

Now when all live performance is canceled, got inspired of many nice musicians how did small live performance on the internet.

So here is some playing from my kitchen in the forest with Symphony Orchestra music and me.

The pieces is ” Trandans ” written of Jan Alm and the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra!

When the audience was slightly larger than in the kitchen (0 people)

See this link with the same music piece Tansdans with 150 million TV viewers as well as 100,000 people in the audience,

There is, of course, an album called ”Past Future” that I recorded with the Gothenburg symphony Orchestra.

Here is the link

Do you want:

* Lectures (Dreams Visions and Future Faith) Provides stimulation and promotes creativity. Incl Film, Powerpoint with pictures live music in a story from teenage dreams to reality with worldtours and gold records.

Suitable for schools, associations but also events and companies.

About 15 years of experience as well as good reference are available.

* Live music for festive events.

If you are interested contact me on this page or go to

Please stay heathy my friends.

Hugs Magnus Rosén

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