Look at your self.

Sometimes it probably happens to everyone at some point in life that you ask yourself: Who am I really ???

A nice perspective is to look at their ”choices”What you choose in your life often speaks of who you are !!!Not who you want to be but who you are.
* I myself am weak but among strong.
* Sometimes I have some answers and sometimes no answers.
* I know some things but for the most part I know nothing or just a little bit, yes there are millions of topics to explore on our planet.So you probably only have time for one per mille and less than that in a lifetime.
* Sometimes my feelings are one way or the other depending on my perspective!
* When I do not know things, I ask or question, which can give me answers. Just (The question) is a good tool when creating a perception of reality
* The balance between emotions and reason provides the compass in life I have access to.
* When I reflect my personality in other people, different images are created. So it is important that the reflection of the circle of friends gives a nice picture of my selves ❤️
* Perhaps one of the most important keys in my life is my great desire for life.
* Life’s puzzle 🧩 can probably only be put together with other people, add sensitivity, diversity, perspective and democracy!
* I’m no better and no worse than my tools when I make my choices that tell me who I am!

November 12At Hovås kallbadhus / restaurant https://www.hovaskallbadhus.se I will play my bass show alternated with anecdotes, thoughts and reflections from my music life!

A little taste https://youtu.be/iuSrcjAID2s

A very warm welcome!

Image http://artphotosweden.se Bengt Person

The facebook site with MRB https://www.facebook.com/MagnusRosenBand




Love Peace Understanding’

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