Now it is the biggest floods in Europe which is scary and very sad!

Fires in other parts of the world, earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, etc.

Minorities such as Indians, Samaritans, Eskimos, natives and other natural peoples.

Perhaps the time is here where we begin to unleash ancient wisdom with people who can read nature and its movements instead of this oppression to which they have been subjected from the rest of the rich part of the world.

Let the natural people raise their voices in these matters. And let people who are only interested in numbers and winnings take a step back!

Of course, the war industry should instead invest this huge money in getting a nice pleasant world to live in instead of DEAD, yes that is the content of the war industry.

Now may be the time to make choices that make sense and benefit humans, animals and nature.

I wish you a nice day!


Photo Gabriel Henningson

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