Miracle or Coincidense!

Miracle or a coincidence !?

When you think about it, is life just a coincidence or is it a miracle?

I think when a life is created, billions and billions of cells know exactly how to create a life, a body or a plant, from a big toe or root to an eye with function or a tree crown, add all the organs and body parts or strains.

Everything living on our earth like a human, an ant, an elephant, a bird, whales that swim and all the other millions of life forms that exist in large and small here in this beautiful paradise far out in nowhere. ( universe )

Everything is timed to work together in an incredible ecosystem.

What a coincidence that it works every time, or what a miracle and completely unlikely that it works every time.

We must not exchange this living for dead things that we think we need.

Something to be careful about, if nothing else.

If we drop a glass in the ground, it breaks, no new beautiful wine glass is created

by coincidence. 

If we collide with the car, it will not be a new fresh model by coincidence.

A life consists of billions and billions of cells that become parts of different organs with perfect functions, joints, brain, arms and legs, etc.

Coincidence or miracle yes it is up to everyone to judge.

One thing is for sure in any case and that is that no one knows 100% how this miracle or chance can take place, yes there are many theories, but a theory is just a theory. 

Ex Darwin’s theory is not the truth but a theory. It is easy to confuse theories with truths.

In this ignorant situation, we choose the path through life, either with a hot pursuit of dead things, mammon or power of various kinds, even if it affects beautiful people, animals or nature.

Or you choose a path with love, inner enlightenment, morality, ethics, understanding, where we are careful about all living things.

The struggle will then be to stand up for these beautiful ideals where people thrive and animals and nature are in harmony.

If light and life are to flourish in a nutrient-rich soil want to say.

1000s of other roads and everything in between is to choose from.

If the choices we make in life show who we are, this may be a reflection of the truth of your self.

Does life have a spiritual meaning in this miracle or is life just a coincidence?

It is a coincidence that life only came into being on this planet where ”time” was the wizard.

Who knows!?

Either way, we should probably be careful of our planet with love for people, animals and nature.

Magnus Rosén.



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