My Biography

My greatest gift I have received is probably the great desire for life and its diversity in culture / music.

This is how my Biography became what the Music has offered during my 41 years as a bass player.
Of course, I have not mentioned single gigs or only guest plays on different records, then it would be too much.
There is also much more when it comes to charity, lectures concerts etc. But this is all in the big picture.

Klas Magnus Rosén is a Swedish musician, born 1963 in Gothenburg, and is best known for being the bassist of the Swedish band HammerFall during the years 1997-2007.
Magnus Rosén started to play bass when he was 15 years old. When he had played bass for three years he went on his first tour with the band Kung Sune. After the tour he moved to Los Angeles, there he played in many bands, like Billionaires Boys Club where future Hammerfall-bandmate Anders Johansson played drums. He became a member of the Swedish heavy metal band Hammerfall in 1997. Magnus is also a jazz bassist, having recorded several albums of solo material. He occasionally does solo tours in South America, where he donates the profits to charity. On 7 March 2007 Magnus left Hammerfall to focus on his own projects.
On 1 November 2009 Magnus joined ex-Stratovarius guitarist Timo Tolkki’s new band Revolution Renaissance.
Rosén has recently become involved in former Black Sabbath vocalist Tony Martin’s live band, Tony Martin’s Headless Cross. The band played their debut show on 27 July 2012 at The Asylum in Birmingham, UK. The show was filmed for a live DVD, and is intended as a warm-up for a full tour in 2013.
In 2015, Rosén was announced as the new bassist for Brazilian heavy metal band Shadowside. In 2017, he also joined Spanish band Avalanch.
Rosén also played with Joe Lynn Turner 2017 on a Scandinavium tour.
Rosén joined another band called The Senior Management, also featuring Göran Edman, Henrik Zetterlund and Dennis Heltorp with an Album Release ” Heart & Soul ” 2018
Bleckhorn EP ” Dragon Fire ” release 2019 with Jayce Landberg, Göran Edman, Peter Hermansson, Magnus Rosén


Culture Prize 2010
Artist of the year 2006 Us Corp
Grammy nominations with Hammerfall
Euro awards with Hammerfall
P3 Gold Nomination
Save the earth priced 2009
Ambassador for all Sweden’s culture and music schools
Gold records with Hammerfall
Ambassador: Ambassador for Jute
Ambassador for RSK
Ambassador for Frikonomen ( Health produce )
Magnus Rosén was appointed Gothenburg Lucias Protector for 3 years / 2011,2012,1013

Magnus Rosén is hereby named a Paul Harris Fellow ( Rotary )!
In appreciation of tangible and significant assistance given for the furtherance of better understanding and friendly relations amog peoples of the world.

This is signed by: Wilfrid J Wilkinson – Chair The Rotary Foundation Trustees
And Sakuji Tanaka – President, Rotary International.

Adlerbertska scholarship 2012 awarded to Magnus Rosén (ex-Hammerfall)
World bassist Magnus Rosén (ex Hammerfall) was awarded the Adlerbertska scholarship in 2012 by the society Gnistan. The scholarship was SEK 54,000 and Magnus told us that the money will be used for the recording of two new solo albums. The Government annually shares scholarships from the Adlerbertska scholarship fund to performing artists.
Adlerbertska scholarship’s argument to the PhD candidate Magnus Rosén:
Magnus Rosén was, for 10 years in Hammerfall, heavy metal, but now has an extremely wide field of activity:
International solo performances, new band constellations, collaboration with symphony orchestras and the Gothenburg Opera and a great non-profit engagement for children and young people. He is also a champion of ” Music Against Violence ”
About Magnus Rosén:
Magnus has the world as a work field and makes cross-border music with variation of traditional music making.

Bassplayer for over 40 years with World tours and recordings,
* Idea and project leader of ” Culture meets Industry ”
* Solobass ballet at the Gothenburg Opera
* The world’s first album recording with solobas and Symphony Orchestra CD Past Future released worldwide is something of his accomplishment. For more info

Swedish TV
Gomorron Sverige
Landet Runt
Edit SVT
Euro Sport
And more

International TV
Many programs, TV news

1000’s of performances round the world / 60 countries 
Some examples of Magnus Rosén’s performances.
Royals who watched and listened to Magnus Rosén at the Gothenburg Opera
Royalty on the return of the East Indians to Sweden
Former President of China Hu Jintao
Chinese Consulate
Russian Consulate
Government officials / politicians
Oman’s and Sultan’s university management
Music Performance for the ministers ang government in Bangladesh
Played with:
Gothenburg Operahouse Solobass ballet / 7 shows
Also Dance and Bass performance with David Zambrano. )
Gothenburg Symphonies ( The Swedish National Orchestra ) 18 concerts
The Royal Philharmonic orchestra / 13 concerts
World transplant game 2011 in Sweden. Magnus also wrote the World Cup song ( The Captain of the Ship )
Europe masters for athletics 2006 with 100.000 in the public and 150 million tv wievers.
Swedish Goverment delegation to China for health with bass instrument.
100 million TV viewers in the Arabic country Solobass for Health
Around 100 million TV viewers in Bangladesh with solobass for the Golden fiber JUTE.
Heavy Metal world tours, and big festivals round the world.

Specialties besides the rock music : Solobass concerts, Workshops, Clinic´s, Lectures, Moderator etc

Magnus has also been involved in charity for orphanages in Romania and India. Magnus has done concerts at STORAN in Gothenburg against female assault Magnus Has received the prize Save the EarthMagnus has collaborated with Queen Silvia’s Children’s Hospital, Abrigo 2000 in Rio De Janeiro’s womenshome where the Queen Silvia is an honorary member
3 solobass tours to South America for poor people.
much much more.
Some of the Musician i worked with Joe Lynn Turner from Deep Purple / Rainbow Wolf Hoffman from Accept Reeves Gabriels from David Bowie Tony Martin from Black Sabbath Danny Needham from Venom Geoff Nicholls From Black Sabbath Andy LaRocque From King Diamond Mikky Dee From Motorhead Jorn Lande From Masterplan Anders Johansson from Yngwie Malmsteens band Kee Marcello from Europe Jesper Strömblad from Inflames Johan Stengård – ABBA Janne Schaffer – ABBA Göran Edman. Yngwie Malmsteen
And more…..


Solo albums
* The World Changes ( 2017 )
• Imagine a Place (2001)
• Reminiscence (2002)
• Empty Room (2003)
• Arose (2006)
• Set Me Free (2007)
• Past Future (2010)
• Empower Duo (2012)
* Den Helanda Pyramiden ( 2016 )
• Art With Bass (2013)
• Bass For Relax (2013)
• Legacy of Kings (1998)
• Heeding the Call (1998) – EP
• I Want Out (1999) – EP
• The First Crusade (1999) – VHS and DVD
• Renegade (2000) – single
• Renegade (2000)
• Always Will Be (2001) – single
• The Templar Renegade Crusades (2002) – VHS and DVD
• Hearts on Fire (2002) – single
• Crimson Thunder (2002)
• One Crimson Night (2004) – CD and DVD
• Blood Bound (2005) – single
• Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken (2005)
• Threshold (2006)
• El Ángel Caído 2017 (2017)
• Hacia La Luz – Directo desde Madrid (2018)
• Shades of Humanity (2017)
The Senior Management[edit]
• Heart & Soul (2018)
Bleckhorn EP 
Dragon Fire 2019
• Shame – Shame (1980)
• Kung Sune – Sunes bar och grill (1982)
• Von Rosen – Like a Dream (1987)
• Von Rosen – Someone Like You (1988)
• Billionaires Boys Club – Something Wicked Comes 
• Keegan – Mind No Mind (1995)
• Jorn – Out to Every Nation (2004)
• X-World/5 – New Universal Order (2008)


1981 -1982 Tours Sweden and Norway / Kung Sune and Bad Rock 
1985 Sweden Von Rosen 
1987 Shows in Spain Von Rosen 1989 – 1991 Shows USA / Midnight
1992 Shows in Sweden Billionaires Boy’s club 
1992-93 Shows in Sweden Lazy babes 
1994 Tours in France Ten Times Worse / Greg Hansen 
1994 Tours in Sweden The Spotnicks
1994-95 Shows in Sweden Lazy babes 
1996 Shows in Sweden Keegan 
1997 Europe tour / Hammerfall 
1997 Europe tour nr 2 / Hammerfall 
1998 / 1999 Worldtour med Hammerfall 
1999 SoloBass Tour South America and Sweden
2000 Shows in Sweden / SoloBass concerts 
2001 World tour med Hammerfall
2001 SoloBass Tour South America, Sweden 
2002 Shows in Sweden / Solobass concerts 
2003 worldtour med Hammerfall 
2003 SoloBass tour USA, Sweden 
2003 SoloBass International Jazz festival Prague 
2004 SoloBass tour South America, Asia, Sweden
2004 SoloBass concerts in Germany 
2005 World tour med Hammerfall 
2005 SoloBass concerts in Germany, Sweden, England
2006 SoloBass tour South America, Sweden 
2007 European tour med Hammerfall 
2007 SoloBass tour Asia
2007 SoloBass concerts in Sweden 
2008 SoloBass concert Asia 
2008 SoloBass tour South America
2008 SoloBass concerts in Sweden 
2009 SoloBass 2 tours in China
2010 Solobass 2 tours in China Japan Svalbard Sweden Nepal
2011 Solobass Sweden
2012 Solobass Sweden, England Rockmusic with Tony Martin & Headless Cross
2013 China tour Sweden Ungern
2014 Opening act for Bruce Dickinson Iron Maiden / Solobass show 
2014 Solo bass tour in Iraq
2015 Solobass tour to Oman
2015 Government delegation Solobass tour China
2015 tour Hungary with The World Changes
2016 Solobass tour Bangladesh
2016 solobass tour Sri Lanka
2016 Solobass tour China
2017 Solobass tour China Bangladesh
2017 Scandinavian tour with Joe Lynn Turner from Deep Purple / Rainbow
2017 Tour with Avalanch in Spain, South America, Latin America Cuba.
2018 Shadowside USA tour 
2018 Solobass tour China, Bangladesh
2018 Tour in Spain with Avalanch, USA with Shadowside, Solobass in China, Bangladesh, Sweden
2019 Bangladesh, Sweden

Magnus Rosén

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