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Smakprov https://youtu.be/Z1L3kFYVvbk

Title: Zenith


Country: Sweden

Release date: 14/01/2022

Company: Pride & Joy Music

Style: Melodic Rock

  AUTUMN’S CHILD returning with album 3, ”Zenith”, which once again features Michael Erlandsson on vocals, keyboards & guitars, Pontus Åkesson on lead guitar, Robban Bäck on drums, Claes Andreasson on piano and Magnus Rosen on bass. Guests include Jona T. (Heat) with a keyboard solo on “Emergency”, Sayit Dölen on rhythm guitar on “High On Love”, Martin Olsson on bass on ”Angel Of Danger”, ”Evangeline”, ”Love Is A Fighter” & ”Nightingale”, Anna-Mia Bonde on background vocals on “Emergency”, Rasmus Ehrnborn (Soilwork, Night Flight OIrchestra) on guest guitar on the track ” Don’t Wanna ”  and Roberth Nygren on acoustic guitar on “Heaven Can Wait”. “Zenith” was produced by Erlandsson & Claes Andreasson, mixed and mastered by Mikael Andersson at Soundport Studios, Sweden; drums recorded by Mikael Andersson at Soundport Studios. Mikael Erlandsson needs no further introduction when it comes to melodic rock. He has released six successful solo albums and a lot of titles with groups like Phenomena, Salute among others. Between 2006-2018 Erlandsson fronted the Swedish super group Secret Service which he toured with live all over the world. Together with the fantastic guitar player Andy Malecek from Fair Warning he founded the band LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM in 2003 which also featured Ian Haugland, Mic Michaeli and John Leven of Europe fame at the time. The self-titled debut album was produced by Claes Andreasson and became a great success. LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM went on releasing another 14 albums with different line ups. I choose tracks: “Emergency”, “Evangeline”, “Love Is A Fighter”, “Never Say Die”, “Heaven Can Wait”, “Angel Of Danger”, “High On Love”, “Crowdpleaser” and “Don’t Wanna”. Melodic Rock at its “Zenith”!!!

Songwriting: 9

Musicianship: 10

Production: 10

Album cover: 10

Total rating: 9,75



Reviewed by: Harry Stouraitis


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