Once again the light shouts!!!

Once again the light shouts !!!

2000 years ago, a man who stood up for love 💓 equality and understanding for the individual was crucified.

This man of love became frighteningly crucified, and there man stood and rejoiced when this event took place, even though many received his help according to legend.

How could that happen?

Even then, the world was upside down.

An interesting reflection is that in almost every church in the world you see how the darkness defeated the good with the murder on the cross about 2000 years ago ..

All religions have their history and this would not have to be a contradiction if the forces of darkness did not mislead us humans.

A few hundred years ago, people were burned over open fires. Wise women who helped other vulnerable people with medicine, health, knowledge and love.

These helping people were called witches.

The darkness ( power ) spread tailor-made in the population with the content of the fact that people were also murdered here who helped people from, among other things, suffering and illness.

How could that happen?

Today, we humans are divided and set against each other, intertwining truths and false prophecies with the veil of mist that hides the guideline of truth, which then becomes increasingly difficult to follow.

Mammon’s darkness once again captivates all the souls of light.

Takes away our freedom with simple means such as digital dictatorship where the private banks become full of power. Genetically modified food where vitamins and minerals have become depleted.

Natural medicines that are banned even though they have helped people for thousands of years. Many times a cheaper alternative than the pharmaceutical giants’ expensive medicines.

There is new there is old medicine that should go hand in hand from east south, north and east for the good of man.

Companions of the war industry who put innocent soldiers at war to kill other innocent soldiers. In the footsteps, the population that once paid for the death party in the form of taxes to the war industry dies.

At the same time, the demons of darkness sit in their own safe wrap and count the reward of mammon from death and its suffering.

The politicians’ deception where the biggest gaps are promised careers with rewards from the seduced people’s tax money.

Where hatred, stigmatization, outbursts of dissent are some of the tools to rule.

A modeling of misleading truths transformed into the message of purpose.

There are Schools today with loose reins, where students gained power and teachers’ guidance lost their authority.

The free devastating ways of drugs and crime are being prepared through the backward hands of the police and customs.

The legal system weakens frameworks that slowly lose their purpose.

In the world upside down

How could that happen?

Once again the light shouts !!!

Once again, the light cries out for opinions and initiatives from people who dare to wish a free and healthy world to live in.

Where morality and ethics take back their values.

Where caring, understanding and love get their growth.

A person who cares about animals and nature, air, wind and water, where community and respect for each other’s differences are seen as diversity and provide development for a healthy and healthy world to live in.

Music from the The World Changes with the song 

Soul Essence

Photo design  Harry Larsson



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