Our World and the Future!

Magnus Rosén solobass together with the sounds of Animals and pichtures!

Becoming one with nature and creating harmony should be one of the important big issues in our 🌍 world.

Thereby creating work and direction towards the future.

Among other things, to protect endangered animal species that have as great rights as us humans to be known here. Just because we have a reasonably developed 🧠 brain does not mean that we have greater rights to animals and nature.
Should be the opposite that we should have a greater responsibility as you can see the consequences of our actions.

Nordens Ark works with protection for endangered animals.

Movie with bass and sound from Animals:


P.S. !!!
Im looking for a serious Agent or Manager!
I do:

  • One man concerts
  • Meditation performance
  • Concert with Magnus Rosén Band
  • Concerts with Symphony Orchestra
  • Workshops / Clinics
  • Lectures
  • You have 10 solo albums
  • And a new album soon is ready for release
    I’m also free to join a touring band Pop, Rock, Metal, new Music, old Music etc.

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