Pandoras box

Pandora’s box, a myth or is there any truth in this message?

Seeing the bright spirals, the positive in things both gives strength and tilts reality in a truthful direction.

Also understanding the consequences of the movement of darkness saves power and gives the opportunity to become aware of the illusion that is constantly being rolled out before our feet.

But can we actually be tricked into an illusion without really understanding it?

Controlling people is done every day via advertising, if it didn’t work there would be no advertising.

Controlling people politically is nothing new, it is done every day in different ways in different cultures via media such as television, radio, newspapers, internet, religion, etc. sadly many times via scaremongering, racketeering and enticements, but it is no secret.

Reaching people is done via different emotions, which can also function as a means of control if even your own questioning doesn’t slow you down a bit.

Even fashion is a type of control where people wear the colors of the year whether it suits their own colors or not?

There is nothing wrong with enjoying fashion and trends as long as you are aware.

Why do we have fashion?

Business of course.

But what makes us just follow and follow?

Is it the joy or is it the fear of being different from others?

Personally, I think it’s nice and interesting to have personalities that also provide diversity via, among other things, different perspectives.

So even something as terrible as war.

War is not about democracy or voting.

First, we pay through taxes to the entire war apparatus, but we are not allowed to participate in saying no that it should not be used, but the only thing we are allowed to do is just follow these insane devilish people who abuse their power against other people. If we refuse it will be court martial??? How democratic is this and how beautiful is this towards people, animals and nature?

Why don’t we question these actions as it is wrong against all living things in all situations!!!

Probably because of the propaganda that is directed to touch our emotions just so we go on the illusion where hatred and fears are created.

One can also ask why we see the world in so many different ways between cultures?

Perhaps depending on which perspective we have been assigned.

This, of course, also applies to the different social strata.

Different perspectives depend on which platform you start from.

But why is it so difficult to take on the perspective of others?

It is just one more piece of the puzzle to understand, which gives the opportunity for greater awareness.

I think it is important to see the difference between wisdom and power.

By and large, all power is corrupt, darkly selfish and unempathetic, which only benefits the person who uses power in the short term, as well as those who walk the paths of power without taking personal responsibility.

So the question automatically becomes: Is there a risk of reality becoming an illusion where people think it is a certain way, depending on where in society or what culture you are in?

In spirit words, are the lambs led where the shepherd tends his animals?

The fact that the sheep are then consumed is because they cannot question their shepherd, but simply follow.

But we as humans can question and here we humans have a responsibility, which has been forgotten.

Silencing someone without understanding what it’s really about can be fatal for oneself and others.

What should one really believe, what is the truth!

The closest to the truth you can get if you are now interested vs is to question and then relate to both our history and what man is capable of doing.

Then look at what is happening in our time, which will soon also be history.

Yes it is interesting?

And also interesting is why we get so angry and hateful if someone sees through the illusion or has a different opinion?

Why don’t we find it exciting and interesting to hear and see different perspectives? Everyone should think so in a sophisticated society, precisely because it is progressive.

Or are we not as sophisticated as we think?

There is only one way through an illusion.


The truth can be questioned, but the lie does not.

For a Happy New Awakening in 2023

Highlight the goodness then the contrasts become greater with the shadow and what is hiding there!

Love peace understanding

Feel free to share if you want !

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Love Peace Understanding

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