Peace Love Understanding

Surely it goes without saying, or is the obvious so obvious?

Like a flap of wings, the senses are opened.

To reflect that words are empty if the action is not anchored.

Love and evil do not come with bright angels from heaven or as a deformed beast with horns on its forehead and cast its shadow over the world.

But it all comes from within ourselves with the choices we make every day that are either loving or evil.

If we are fed negativity, hopelessness and division everywhere, it is easy for frustration and hatred to grow like a horned shadow over us with destructive actions.

This is where the important action must be taken by lighting the inner light that can illuminate the dark actions and give light to hope, love and belonging in society and in the world.

Everything starts ”from the inside out” with daring to stand up for the good inspiring forces in the colorful possibilities of dawn and hope.

Everything starts in the small in you and me with the small choices that together become the big changes.

It’s time to open those beautiful eyes and like a beat of wings to fertilize Love, Peace and Understanding on mother earth, with father sun in the magical universe ”amen”

The Chinese proverb says that we have a white and a black dragon within us.

Which one grows depends on which one we feed!!!

 It’s all about our choices and what door our mind’s key can open to the future.


Love Peace Understanding

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