Radio interview in USA

I just did a nice and cool interview for a radio station in the US ”KJAG Radio”

Many thanks for that !!!

Since I toured quite a lot in the US, so also in Las Vegas, it was extra fun to be asked about an interview there. Life is a great adventure with ups and downs of joy and tears, these contrasts will hopefully make us grow in the soul.

Embarking on a flight to a distant land and meeting the people and culture with their music is among the best things in life. Music is a key to the gates of other cultures. As I play many different music styles from 50’s rock via the 60’s wonderful hits from through the 70s, 80s, 90’s to modern music from today there are always opportunities to be invited to different forums.

My new record that will be released in 2021 ”The World and Times” is precisely this spectrum of music, from Polka, 60s, Show until today with modern funk / dance music. A firework of music collected on an album.

Jiggy Jaguar Show

KJAG Radio

Here is a track with some hard stuff from me and my friends:

With high volume, we make an attempt to see what will happen in the future when it comes to metal music:


Big Swede-Drums, Samples, Loops

Magnus Rosen-Bass

Andy LaRocque guitars

Reeves Gabrels guitars

Nils K. Rue-Vocals

Photo by Gabriel Henningson.


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