Rock Music!

What does rock music stand for?

Yes, it is probably different from person to person and that is quite right.

For me, the Rock flag stands for:

From nothing to everything.

To be free, to dare to be who you are!

To dare to have your own voice.

You are who you are.

To dare to go outside the box and enjoy life’s big smorgasbord without being afraid of what others will say.

The word must always be free in a free society.

Far too many are stuck in their chains where they are afraid of what others will think.

It is the opposite of the Rock flag in my opinion.

Scary or wonderful.’

In the world upside down, what looks black may be white and what looks white may be black.

It is always the colors of the inside that matter. Not the exterior colors.

Hatred is always black from whatever side it comes from.’

The Rock is the symbol of freedom.

Powerful and free in all shapes. It is not against anyone but it is for someone.

 ( us people )

But not to forget, all to enjoy beautiful music in their own personal way in their own freedom.

”Rock The World Again”

Memories from a live concert in Germany

Photo by Lennart Nilsson


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