Russian folksong!

Here is interpretation of an Russian folk song played by George Keczan Grand Piano and Me 

” Magnus Rosén ” on Bass

Im thinking about my ancestors how was from Russia and how the people to day is fighting this evil Covid-19 ( Corona ) virus! 🙏🙏🙏

❤️🎩🙏 Plus all other countrys in World to of-course ❤️🎩🙏

A new day Will come and this time Will be a memory!

One day when this crises is over i hope to have the luck and go to Russia and play in this enormously big country, from Europe to the end of Asia!

I played in many countrys round the World but nerver Russia! 🤗

A memory:

One time a played with the Russian General Counsel in the Russian Consulate.

We made a big concert there. This General is a piano player. I invite few friends to play this evening Opera a Singer Carolina Sandgren and a Jazz saxophonist Håkan Lewin  plus a Rockmusicians like my self.

A Beautiful concert for almost 2 hours!

P.s Me and George Keczan record an Album 

” The World Changes ”

Grand Piano and bass with fantastic guestmusician from different musicstyles!


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