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Global song for Ukraine – Show some LOVE!

When the culture of different nations from Africa, the Nordics, Europe, Asia, South America, Australia, the USA unite in a song of freedom despite our differences, well that’s how we get to hear about each other’s cultures in between.

But the difference is not the color of the skin but the color of our souls.

If ”we” can agree, the geniuses who rule our societies, so to speak, should be able to get along without weapons.

BUT we all know that power attracts!!!

Then the little people (we) are not worth that so much in some peoples eyes.

The disappointment is so great for man’s War and misery which only creates suffering and sorrow!!!! Man is killing his own species on this planet while the rest of us cheer on one side or the other!

How sick is this?

Everyone who is in the war, Ukrainians or Russians, or other nations that have crept in really have nothing in common with each other, military and civilians, we must remember this. It is no one fighting in the field who has created the reason for the war.

It’s young men and women, someone’s son someone’s daughter who just follow orders and run the errands of dark souls into death!

This must be stopped.

Life is what counts, not death!!!

Let’s say this out loud once and for all:

No more abuse of power by few groups of people with their agendas.

World does not belong to power but it belongs to all of us humans to be here on our planet!!!!!

No man is more worldly than another rich or poor, even though some act as if they have only one value while others have no value.

Imagine if the soldiers overslept until the battle on the battlefield, then there would have been no war that day. Without it there would have been peace!

So the little person can still make a difference!!!!!

(for those who read the words verbatim, it is a hypothesis, I just want to say)

No amount of hatred creates a good world or a safe society.

But so does love and light for our world 🌍!

We should work together against poverty more education, understanding and friendship instead of killing, destruction, pollution on a large scale etc!!!

Instead, spending ALL these weapons money on a healthy and healthy world should be a matter of course is out in empty space where we live.

You don’t make peace with weapons!!!

” Global song for Ukraine and its victims in this war.

We who play and sing on this song come from:

BJ Sam NG🌍

Shipra Khana – India 🇮🇳

Magnus Rosén – Sweden 🇸🇪

Rae Leigh – Australia🇦🇺

Daren Burns – china🇨🇳

Joanna Dragneva – Bulgaria 🇧🇬

Jah Reign – Jamaica 🇯🇲

Sylvie Burger – France 🇫🇷

Hillary Hawkins – USA🇺🇸

Melanie Gayle – UK🇬🇧

Mikael Erlandsson – Sweden 🇸🇪

Diana Hopeson – Ghana 🇬🇭

Akis – Greece🇬🇷

Kurt Strohmeier – Austria 🇦🇹

Samuel Cereghini – Italy 🇮🇹

Marcia – Brazil 🇧🇷

Aya Nova – Ukraine 🇺🇦

So new – Ukraine🇺🇦

Adeline Doré – France 🇫🇷

Karen Lyu – South Korea 🇰🇷

Tatiana – United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪

Star David – Jamaica 🇯🇲

prince Adewale Laoye, NG🇳🇬

Renuka – India🇮🇳


Love Peace Understanding

Remember: Questions give knowledge


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