Souls and beauty!

Imagine if our outsides looked like our souls, well then beauty would have come into its own.

Enjoying our different perspectives, different opinions in peaceful and intellectual conversation leads to a bright and peaceful world. This path of peace shows respect to both the right and the left, it shows respect to different cultures and it also shows respect to different religions. It creates a dynamic and opportunity for development.
This is about a fine understanding of each other’s differences.
This belongs to a civilized society!

One of the biggest threats of our time is probably the distortion of the truth! This ideology definitely belongs to the dark souls, those who can start wars, those who allow poor nations to be exploited, those who crack us and create hate campaigns against each other in various ingenious ways. Those who can censor us and those who can decide what can be said to benefit their own agenda, so not the people’s voice or questioning.
The same approach is seen but in large parts of the world today.
The very part of the globe that has been so clear in condemning other nations that did not have the democratic platform!!!

Whoever distorts the truth is definitely a threat to all humanity!, a threat to morality and ethics and a threat to human rights.

But questioning sheds light on who is who, it’s probably the only way to begin to find out who wants good against man, animals and nature on mother earth!
Anything that takes power away from the little man is a big step down the dark path of power perfection.
This is where the tool of fear is used, with the word: For our own good, may our safety, etc

The question has an answer!
The truth can be questioned but the lie does not. If we don’t question it, it’s probably very easy to get lost where we don’t know how to get in or out. In other words, easy prey for the dark forces and the dark souls destructive omnipotence that will ultimately destroy themselves.

Today is the history of the future, and we all know what the history of man has shown us what he can do when he is obsessed with power.

Questioning is not bad, it just shows that you care, that you listen and that you try to understand.
Contrasted with the fear where all responsibility crumbles towards oneself and others.

Who do we want to be this short time on this planet, what care do we want to show future generations, our loved ones and those we don’t know???

It gives a bright wonderful power not to lie to oneself or to others.
The curiosity to understand gives an intellectual direction in life with peace, love and understanding.

Opening those beautiful eyes is a wonderful start to a journey with good choices in life towards a good light world.

Its time to Rock the world again:
The sign of the time:

Love Peace Understanding
Remember: Questions give knowledge
Free Speech gives a Free world

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