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It is with great satisfaction that I come to communicate my participation in a single by the great musician Magnus Rosén, Magnus Rosén, ex – Hammerfall, Avalanch, Jorn, Shadowside and is currently with Tony Martin ex – Black Sabbath, in one of his original songs together with the great guitarist and  friend, Ricardo França …

Soon we will be announcing the launch video for ”THE FUNK ROCK STARS”

Herbert Loureiro: Brazilian drummer is invited to record single by bassist Magnus Rosén, currently musician by Tony Martin and ex-Hammerfall and Jorn

 One of the great drummers in Brazil, the musician Herbert Loureiro, has been standing out in Brazil and in the world for his versatility, technique and precision essential in front of his instrument.  All these nuances make him invited by renowned international musicians for recordings and special participation in international projects.

 So much so that the musician was officially invited to record a single with the Swedish bass player, Magnus Rosén, who is the current bassist of the singer Tony Martin, in addition to striking passages by Hammerfall, Jorn and other major world bands.  The musician who is responsible for the recordings of the ex-Black Sabbath frontman Tony Martin’s solo album will soon also begin recording his solo album.

 Ricardo França: Dedicating himself to the guitar for exactly two decades, with influences from guitarists such as Zakk Wylde and Yngwie Malmsteen, he passed through the bands Kerana and Aliquid between 2012 and 2020, the same time in which Ricardo started to perform in the São Paulo night with the band  Steel Tormentor Helloween Tribute, which has already opened shows for André Matos, Tim Ripper and Masterplan.  The best is yet to come, alongside Herbert Loureiro (Drummer) João Luiz (vocals) and Tom Toledo (bass), Ricardo has been working on the composition / production of the release album for the band Magnetic Kaos, a project that promises to leave many people  jaw dropping with the songs that are on the way, navigating between modern and traditional heavy metal, with hints of progressive metal without neglecting the good old rock n ’roll.

 The song that will have the participation of Herbert Loureiro is called “The Funk Rock Stars and will be officially launched this September on all digital platforms.  The official music video will be edited by Alexandre Pozzani.

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