The beauty of opinions!!!

Why are we so afraid of different opinions?

This is precisely what democracy is all about, right?!

Sometimes it’s to the right and sometimes it’s to the left, or maybe even against our beautiful democracy?

For now, it should be the democratic voting that says what the majority of the people want!!!

This acceptance and respect for each other’s different opinions must be respected.

Otherwise, what we have been so proud of in our country and in the Western world, the democratic process, will fall.

Different opinions can never be a threat to power when the people are the power!!!!!!!!!!!???????? Hmm

So why are we so afraid of different opinions, this does not agree with the basic idea of democracy!!!

Should we let go of this freedom because of fear?

A fear we have difficulty locating with common sense. Who really wants to silence people, free speech and democracy?

We have been given our beautiful eyes and ears to be able to see and hear, a mouth to, among other things, question in order to locate ourselves!

With different perspectives, we can carve out reality and a true path without lots of smokescreens where it is so easy to get lost!

This should be our / the people’s responsibility to hold the scales with love and respect instead of hate, fear and division !!!

I see and hear more hate from those who hate and judge, censor than those who are hated!

Where are the ones you warn about all the time?

And what have they done that is so dangerous for society???

Yes, those who are really dangerous are often given mitigating circumstances, which is hard to understand.

Is it perhaps the questioning that feels threatening? But it is precisely that process – Questioning, answering, discussing – that a democracy is.

Since the power is ”the people”, questioning becomes a beautiful tool and dynamic of democracy that we should encourage, not silence.

Since no single person has the right to absolute power, but power should be mobile and changeable according to the wonderful rules of democracy!!!

Who is really the ”judgment” that is supposed to protect us from the evil of taking away our freedom, of imprisoning us in a surveillance society? Who has set the table to justify these actions? It almost feels like it’s the same unit, planning and then executing.

Could it possibly be ”them” who started the process of branding, hating and warning, those who censor and want to take away freedom of expression, thus the questioning!!!

No one should bear guilt or be labeled because of thus questioning the right to try to understand.

Who are ”them” which people want to oppress other people.

Where are these preventive measures to maintain a free democratic society? Sometimes it feels like creating chaos and then using this to justify a closure of freedom of expression.

And who ultimately gets rid of their human rights and their integrity, their freedom ???

It’s us, the people who haven’t made a fly to eat!!!

The magic of the castle in the air that distorts the truth and lures its lambs to the corridors of darkness!

Please tell me I’m wrong, it would have really given me hope and happiness.

Whatever is right or wrong, I believe that making one’s choices out of love, respect and peace instead of fear automatically creates better conditions for humans, animals and nature.

A good compass in life!❤️

Feel free to share if you have similar thoughts and reflections!


Love Peace Understanding

Remember: Questions give knowledge

Free Speech gives a Free world

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