The biggest show ever I did.


Big show ever i did. 100.000 in the public and 150 million tv viewers.

♬ originalljud – Magnus Rosén

May I be allowed to offer a little more bass with The Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

This was my biggest gig of my entire life.

100,000 in the audience and 150 million TV viewers around Europe. It was the European Championships inauguration in Athletics and hence the large audience.

Nervously well you can say that, especially since it is for my first performance ever with a symphony orchestra.

But the feeling was great afterwards, I want to say.

All the notes were in place and having 109 well-educated symphony musicians plus a conductor in the back is a feeling that is difficult to describe.

I have made almost 40 performances with symphony orchestras, including the Royal Philharmonic Orchestras, Gälve Symphony Orchestra plus a few more.

As I am a self-taught musician, this feels extra fantastic.

Many thanks to life that has invited me so much on adventures.


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