The card of life!

When the realization hits, the gift becomes obvious!!!

I have received something absolutely amazing, yes it is more than the biggest win you can imagine.

Yes, in this situation, it is easy to believe that the big monetary gains have rolled down the hall!
Or that you got something absolutely incredible when it comes to dead things, then I mean things
or a top job.

This is how the card slowly but surely burns down.
Yes, before this there was neither me nor the symbolic card and in a while neither the life card nor me will be left! Like a snap of the fingers compared to time and space in the universe, we come and go naked to and from the miracle of mother earth

The view is self-evident, but many cannot see or appreciate the gift of life!
To be allowed to experience, feel, develop and wonder.
Being rich 💰 inside and being able to have healthy minds and good health is something to be even more grateful for.

To live is of course the greatest thing you can imagine!
What’s the point of having a castle, private airplanes or luxurious boats if you can’t keep your life. Life itself is absolutely No. 1 on the wish list.

We have also been given the opportunity to show who we really are. Poor as rich.
You come with nothing and you leave the world as naked as you came here.
Yet the greatest dream of many is to shoe oneself, to have power over other people and even to war and kill for the sweetness of power perfection during this short sojourn on mother earth
Lie and deceive other people for your own gain.

But we also have the chance to show our caring, respect and pride in being a good person with morals and ethics. To have the opportunity to develop, forgive and understand and above all to love as a person and soul.

When it’s time to hang up the towel, you know yourself and others who you were as a person, then you have shown your true faces based on the conditions you had.

No one has an answer to the miracle of life, but many have faith in something higher.
Since no one knows, it is especially important to show respect for each other’s differences without being condescending or judgmental.

We have all received the highest profit but manage it so differently.
Love or hate, envy or admiration.
Understanding or judgmental, bitter or satisfied, etc

The framework is the human rights that bring peace and security, never anything else.
But the insidiousness is easy to get lost in if we don’t open our beautiful eyes.

At least heading towards a bright future one way or another, that’s my philosophy.

Love Peace Understanding
Remember: Questions give knowledge
Free Speech gives a Free world

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