The Guardian of life and Earth

Believing in a god in love and the sign of light or an ideology in politics, a vision or a religion.
Everything is an act!
Either one fulfills the words into action
or you are a person with empty words.
Hiding your face from others is one thing, but hiding your actions from yourself is something you cannot escape.

Being political is an ideology not a team sport.
Every issue in politics must be weighed for or against the ideology and the dynamic environment.
Otherwise, the political color does not stand for the ideology, but becomes a tool of power that is more important than the message that is propagated as a purpose!

To say you love someone is a desire for understanding, a humility that is selfless, a desire to be there in joy and sorrow

Confessing the truth even when it does not benefit oneself is the sign of the halo.
A self-invitation to light, life and love. A vision and reverence for life and a good world.
Misleading someone through lies and propaganda is acting in the sign of the horns and a self-invitation to the dark souls.

The religion:
Seeing a good person is not done by the suit or dress, nor by hairstyles or jewelry. Not by wealth or poverty, nor by titles or appointments.
Goodness is seen only through actions!
So, too, does evil appear.

I want to take my hat off 🎩 to all people in all cultures who hold fast to this line of morality, ethics and love for other people, animals and nature.
It is precisely these people who contribute to a possible bright safe and free future on our planet!!!
Guardians of Life and Earth.
It is these people who go to battle with the sword sharpened in light that cuts through the fog curtains of deceit!
Are you perhaps one of them?
Amen 🙏

Love Peace Understanding
Remember: Questions give knowledge
Free Speech gives a Free world

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