The lights or the dark

On which side do the choices we make in life fall!
On the Light or the Dark Side.

Where are the consequences of our personal choices really?

Do we make our choices because

Egoism or concern
Assertiveness or humility
Love or hate
Wisdom or bigotry
Sadly, many people make their choices out of fear, and it frightfully breeds and prepares the path of darkness in many cases.

Do we make our choices based on a transparent objective platform or from one-way information?

A situation always has several perspectives, not just one angle. So when news, for example, does not mention several sides of the problem, it is easy to think about something that you do not really stand for if you had information and knowledge of the overall perspective.

The consequences of our choices create our world
and also talks about who we are as humans here on mother earth.

We humans have been given our different gifts of different kinds in life.
It could be:

Wisdom, wisdom, goodness and love.
Wealth, celebrity of various kinds.
Intelligence on different levels, spiritually more or less developed, faith in God, etc.!

So the question is, what choices do we make with these advantages / gifts we have been given in the miracle of life?
And imagine if we could put together the puzzle of life brothers and sisters from Mother Earth, well then the light would have been superior to the shadows.

Many have had incredible hardships in life such as poverty, illness, struggle with being disabled with many challenges, undeveloped minds, ended up in the most diabolical such as, violence, war and where darkness tries to spread.

The choices tell us where we are going as a human being and soul based on different platforms, whether we like it or not, in the light or the dark direction!

As long as life goes on there is the possibility of change!

P.’s joy is contagious ❤️


Love Peace Understanding
Questions give knowledge
Free Speech gives a Free world

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